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    The botanical name is Papaya

    Good day dear visitor. Today I will be sharing with you guys five(5) benefits of pawpaw seeds and also the procedure on how to prepare the seed meal.

    1. It helps in proper digestion.
    2. It helps to cure/fight against Livercyrosis (disease that smokers usually have due to smoking).
    3. It boost the fertility of a woman.
    4. It helps to straighten the wrinkles on ones face.
    5. It boosts appetite.

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                                      PROCEDURES ON HOW TO PREPARE THE SEED MEAL.
    • Get enough Pawpaw seeds to your desired quantity.
    • Dry the seeds.
    • Finally grind the seeds to be smooth for it to last long.

      NOTE: The powdered meal can be mixed with your tea for breakfast or pap or whatever beverage you do take. The seeds are used abroad in making bathing soaps, because of it straightening wrinkles ability.

    So,if you make bathing soaps,you can include some as your raw material.